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Revealed…How these computer nerds beat the world’s best investor…

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Warren Buffett is the 2nd richest man in the world, with a net worth around $75 billion, the most successful investor of all time. But shockingly, in recent times, Warren Buffett has been regularly outperformed by so-called ‘quant hedge funds’. These funds rely on huge volumes of data, supercomputers and automation to beat human beings at their own game – trading the financial markets for profit.

Before you turn off… this is not a sales pitch for yet another disappointing financial market trading system. If you’ve tried them, you know what I’m talking about…there are hundreds, maybe thousands of them and they are mostly horse sh’t.

The point is, quant funds are steadily taking over Wall Street and now account for the vast majority of the trading volume that passes through major stock markets  The investment and complexity needed to trade the way they do are totally out of the reach of me and you, so we’re left stuck on the side lines.

The rich get richer and you keep plodding on with the daily grind to make ends meet or to afford a few luxuries here and there.

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

You see, there is a little-known market where big hedge funds and financial institutions haven’t yet destroyed the chances for you and me to make a profit. The fact is, they can’t trade here, because there is not enough money changing hands.

But there is plenty of opportunity for us, and it is ripe territory for us to hack.

We don’t have billions, or even millions, to invest – if you do, then you can stop reading and go back to your yacht. Thanks for your interest.

We use this market to generate a modest, second income. Perhaps even a full replacement income. What difference would an extra £1,000 per month make to your life and that of your family?

What about £2,000? £5,000?

This sort of profit can and is being achieved in this market, by everyday people, without even having to resort to robots and computer automation. But what would happen if you did have computer algorithms and huge computing power on your side? Start your risk-free trial with racinghacker to find out!

So what is this mysterious market?

You may have guessed by now – it’s the sports betting market. Not exactly a secret, but the reason it is little-known by most as a form of investing is that it is stigmatised by the vast majority of society. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word betting? Addiction? Loser? House always wins?

Well, while that’s true for 99% of bettors, it’s also true that there are plenty of people who are profitable and make anything from a small second income to a full-time profession in this niche. There are many gambling millionaires and, once you understand the key principles, it’s not all that difficult to see how.

And if you’re already familiar with the betting markets, or even if you’ve already tried betting as a way to make a second income – whether you’ve been successful so far or not – let me tell you why you need to give racinghacker a try.

Results speak for themselves. Here are ours.


%racinghacker %RacingHacker
Past results are not a guarantee of future performance. As with investing, betting carries risk of loss.

That’s £6,145 pure tax-free profit over our 3 month back testing period (peak Summer 2016 flat racing season), using only £25 per bet and an average of 5.2 bets per day.

That’s a 983% annualised return on the starting bank of £2,500 (100pts). The best savings account in the UK currently pays around 2% BEFORE tax!

Now, would you believe me if I told you that the horse racing selections that sit behind those results were made completely by racinghacker’s artificial intelligence engine, codenamed, XENA?

Well, it’s true!

To put this into perspective, the quant funds that outperformed the best investor in the world generally achieve, after fees, between 14% and 20% annualised returns.

Versus 983%! It’s not even close!

At its essence, successful horse race betting is little more than one big coded maths problem. Bookies love that horse racing is complicated, and it’s certainly not easy to analyse every horse, in every race, every day of the week. In fact, unless it is something you can devote serious – or even all – your time towards, it’s impossible to be consistently successful. XENA is able to hack the markets for us every day without you having to lift a finger.

Ultimately, what XENA gives us is a huge edge over the rest of the market. Unlike other tipsters and bettors, XENA does not rely on:

  • A man with a pencil, a copy of the Racing Post and years of “feelings”
  • “Whispers”, “insider information” and “from the horse’s mouth” tips.
  • The mood that the tipster woke up in, the amount of sleep he got or the pressure to hit a winner after an inevitable losing streak
  • Exploiting freak pricing mistakes by a single bookie that you never have a funded account with
  • Using “Best Odds Guaranteed” to artificially inflate results. Anyone who’s had any success betting knows that this is the first ‘bonus’ that a bookie will tear away from you when you start to string a few winners together.

The foundation of the racinghacker service is cold, hard statistics and probabilities, generated by XENA. XENA constantly monitors the UK horse racing markets on the world’s largest betting exchange, Betfair. She looks for where the smart money is going and combines this information with historical performance data in order to identify potential winners that are under-priced in the market. Before the UK even wakes, she has made her bets for the day.

But we don’t stop there. racinghacker goes one step further…

Computers and algorithms are great, but they are not infallible. They can only operate within the realms of their programming, and sometimes XENA picks horses to win that really aren’t that likely.

That’s why instead of sending her selections straight to racinghacker’s subscribers, XENA goes one step further and sends them to racinghacker’s resident horse racing expert, with over 20 years’ profitable years of experience researching and gambling on UK horse racing (he’s “our guy with the pencil”).

Anything that is not up to his exacting standards is rejected – improving both win rate and return on investment. (Unlike XENA, our expert does have emotions and he was jealous that he did not have a codename too. So, we now have to refer to him as, “ASH”).

The result? Well, during our first month of operation, June 2017 (all results measured to Betfair Starting Price):

  • XENA managed an amazing 21.7% ROI from an average of 4.9 bets per day
  • ASH was able to improve this already excellent ROI to 40.2%. That is simply astounding. Especially when you consider he managed to reduce the average number of bets to 3.5 bets per day, while at the same time, increasing overall profit from 29.3 points for XENA working alone, to 40 points with ASH and XENA working together.

(if you’re not familiar with the “points” terminology, it simply means that if you had bet every selection at a flat £25 per bet, you would have made £1,000 tax-free profit (£25 x 40) in June alone.

It Gets Better – We Recently Gave XENA an Upgrade!

On 8th October 2017, we upgraded to v4 of the XENA AI.

Just look at what happened (results to date, 24th October)!

  • 26.71 points profit to BSP
  • +£667.75 just to £25 level stake bets
  • 48% Return On Investment

Can you afford NOT to give us a try??

From your point of view, it really is that simple. Statistically proven tips, curated by an expert and fed directly to your devices before high street betting shops have even opened. Racinghacker is hacking horse racing profits every day and there is plenty for us all to share in.

Maybe you’re still skeptical. That’s fine, you’d be mad not to be. After all, this industry is awash with liars, charlatans and outright fraudsters. Our mission and purpose is to be different and to be better.

There’s no getting away from the fact that we are a new service. But for you, this is a great thing. Let us explain. The simple fact is, the results we have generated astounded even us. We needed to get this out in to the market, into ordinary people’s hands, so we could start marking a difference to your life as quickly as possible.

But we are not stupid. We’ve been there too and have followed plenty of tipsters who fail to live up to the hype. That’s why we are offering two things for a limited time only, which should make this a total no-brainer.

  • Full 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee

This is managed independently by Clickbank – if you don’t love the service, then log in and cancel within 60 days for your full money back. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You don’t even need to commit real money to betting our selections. Just paper trade them, or use very small stakes if you like. There really is nothing to lose by giving us a try.

  • Your first 10 days for only £1

To put this into perspective, even if you were only to bet £10 a tip, you would have made £370 net profit in June 2017 alone, betting to Betfair Starting Price. If you’d taken bookmaker best odds, you would have made even more!

This is a limited time offer and once the few places we have open for this charter offer have gone, the offer will never be repeated. Never. Don’t miss out and don’t leave yourself muttering those immortal words, “shudda”, “wudda” and “cudda” in 3 months’ time.

Glad to have you onboard.

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